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Following the steps of the Romans

The beauty of nature

The taste of west Balkans

Other Landmarks

    One of the main occupations of the population of the Danube region was fishing. They used fish in different versions for both main dishes and the soups and appetizers. Many times when in the summer there is a good catch, the fish are dried in the sun. Thus, it is well salted preserved and was suitable for consumption throughout the year.
For Wallachian fish brine used dried fish, preferably small fish. In a large pot boil pre-chopped vegetables. Can be used all kinds of vegetables, the more the richer flavor will brine. While vegetables are cooked the dried fish is taken and is washed from the salt, and then bake the oven to soften it. When the vegetables are ready add the fish and leave little to boil them. Brine thickens with corn flour. When removing from the fire add crushed garlic.