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Midzhur mount, is 2168 m high, and is the frontrunner of Chiprovska Mountains, part of Stara Planina. It is located on the border between Bulgaria (Vidin) and Serbia.

At its foot the rivers Lom and Timok originate. The point that determines its exact position is entirely in Bulgaria, and the border is a few yards away. Here there are 2 to half a meter high pyramids, which has inscriptions left by the Bulgarian and Serbian tourists.

Midzhur Mount is the highest peak in Western Stara Planina. To it leads the longest, and the most difficult trail.

The starting point is the area called "Dzhurdzhin Crush" in the upper-Lom Mountain. The best time to climb to "Midzhur" is the beginning of August. Durably marked eco-trail leads to the mount and at the beginning there is a tourist lodge with 25 beds for overnight stay.
Only after removal of border facilities in the early 1990s, the mount became available for trekking. Therefore, access routes, and the whole area have retained largely their virginity.

From Bulgarian part the mount can be climbed from two places.

  1. Chuprene village
  2. Gorni lom village

Starting from Chuprene there are two possible approaches. By a jeep along the Chuprenska River you can reach on 17 km dirt road through a Game-breeding farm up to "Forest Paradise" hut (1450 m). Walking is more convenient to pass Manastirka River and one of the two eco-trails - "Bekinska shobarka" or "Martynov stone." From here the distance to the hut "Forest Paradise" is a little over 9 km.

Starting from the hut there is a marked trail that running through the Biosphere Reserve "Chuprene" comes out to the main ridge of the saddle between MountReplyanskaChurch (1969 m) and Ostra chuka (1,967 m). From here to the southeast through Ostra chuka mount and Oba (2033 m) the saddle is reached under which rivers Lom and Timok originate at the Border Pyramid 336 (1780 m). it follows a climbing to the northwest slope of Mount Midzur, reached after about an hour.

The transition from "Forest Paradise" hut up to here takes an average of 4.30 hours and it is a longer than the option through the village of Dolni Lom, but easier.

On 7 km from Dolni Lom, of which the first two are paved, is located "Gorni Lom" hut (840 m). The building is a former frontier post. Currently operational is the hut "Midzhur" located slightly up. After another 2-3 km the dirt road ends and the actual trail starts.

After about 2-3 hours steep climbing up to the saddle between the peaks Midzhur and Oba, where is located the boundary pyramid 336. Here the trail merges with that starting from the village of Chuprene village.
This option is shorter, but correspondingly steeper.

Other approaches

Up to the peak it is possible to reach also from the villages Martinovo and Replyana on the Bulgarian side, and from the resort "Babin zub" and villages Topli Dol, Aldina River, Crni vrh and Ravno buche from the Serbian side.