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Rabisha Lake is the largest inland lake in Bulgaria, located between the villages of Tolovitsa and Rabisha, Belogradchik region, in the western part of the Pre-Balkan, at the northeastern foot of Rabisha hill, on 40 km from town of Vidin.

Its depth reaches 10-15 m.With the displacement of the ground layers local valley is formed, the bottom of which is subsequently filled with a substantial amount of water. This is extremely rare natural anomaly. It has a tectonic origin. The lake has almost no catchment and undrained, but in the minds and beliefs of medieval Bulgarian water should always be in motion. People thought that in the mountains there are huge vesicles /underground caves/ filled with water. This water along underground road shows itself and end in a place called vrelo. Fairies, dragons and devils live in the waters. Many natural phenomena that people have not been able to explain themselves are associated with the legendary people, animals and superpowers. With some geological drilling it was found that the bottom of the lake is paved by water-resistant alternating bottom-up marls, sandstones and clays coated at the top with present-day mud.

It is formally proven that the lake is undrained and the collected within waters are not draining in a natural way into the surrounding plains and valleys.

In the past, however, the people thought that it is a bottomless lake, and as it springs, so it flows out. Springing is proven by the taste and color of water, the taste of the water is sweet, with no breath and clear color. Regarding the flowing out, people believed that vrela / springs / over the villages of Rabisha and Bella are leading their beginning from the lake. Rabisha vrelo is only half a kilometer from the lake and is with lower altitude than the lake and it is quite logical to connect the lush karst spring with the lake. The lake offers perfect conditions for surfing and swimming. Attractive objects for hunting, waterfowl, fishing - carp, grass carp, catfish. There are catfish that reach over 300 kg. It is very pleasant to have holiday there on a tent.

It offers perfect conditions for surfing and swimming and has a relatively well-shaped beach, which makes it especially attractive for tourists. On some 100 meters from the south coast, there is an organized camping. Anglers can also enjoy their leisure time, because there can be found carp, grass carp and catfish.