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The Brestovac spa is located in a beautiful natural setting of the river Pujica, sheltered by a hundred year old forest. It is located only 8 km southwest of Bor, at an altitude of 385m. It is one of the oldest spas in Serbia, and according to archaeological finds the Romans and the Turks used its healing water. It flourished in the period of Miloš Obrenović. From this period date the Konak (residence) of Knyaz Miloš, built in 1837. Some of significant buildings from this period, which are protected by the state, as part of the cultural heritage, are: Turkish bath (hamam), Palace of Aleksandar Karađorđević (1856), restaurant “Izletnik”, “County Building”, summer house of King Peter I (1906). At present, the historical and ethnological exhibition of the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy in Bor is showcased in the Konak of Knyaz Miloš. The waters of this spa are among the most healing that we have, which German Baron von Herder, back in the 19th century, compared with the water of Austrian and Swiss baths. The content and the ratio of various chemical elements and trace elements in the water give it a curative effect (potassium, calcium, fluoride, sodium, silicon, chlorine, iodine, bromine, magnesium, iron oxides, aluminium, lithium, manganese, zinc, rubidium, cobalt, copper and phosphates and slightly radioactive elements uranium, radium and radon). There are 10 thermo-mineral springs, with a temperature from 32 to 40 degrees Celsius. Illnesses of the spine, bones, joints, muscles and skin are successfully treated in this spa. The spa water helps in the treatment of general exhaustion, as the result of injuries, rheumatism, illnesses of the nervous system, illness of the peripheral vascular system, inflammation of female sexual organs, etc.


Accommodation facilities in the Brestovac Spa in the 19th century:

During the reign of Knyaz Aleksandar Karađorđević (1842-1858) the Brestovac spa had been visited by members of the royal family and other notable and famous persons. It gives the spa an epithet of a fashionable place. In 1856, Knyaz Aleksandar built a representative the edifice – a manor-summer house and various other buildings in its vicinity, such as: “Adjutants’ quarters”, kitchen, belvedere, which do not exist today. Later on, in the time of the Serbian-Turkish wars (1876-1878), an improvised military hospital was situated in the Brestovac Spa, headed by a famous physician Stevan Mačaj.

Laza Ilić was the resident spa doctor in the late 19th century and at the time, another representative building was built, which exists even now, “The inn with the Kur salon”, today known as the “Izletnik” (“the excursionist”). At that time, it was considered the first hotel in the spas of Serbia.

TheBrestovac Spa is 7 km away from Bor, at an altitude of 385 m. The climate in the spa is moderate continental.

Former volcanic activity and complex geological structure of the terrain caused the formation of thermo-mineral springs. By temperature, the water belongs to homeothermal (32-38°C) and hyperthermal (40°C) types of thermal waters. The water contains potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, iodine, sulphate, carbonate, etc. All waters are clear, slightly yellowish, with no gas bubbles, sediment and smell, and their taste is alkaline.

Natural oligomineral healing water of the Brestovac spa has been successfully used in several ways: by drinking, washing, spraying, aerosol, bathing, and in physical therapy the water is used as a supplementary curative remedy, along with medications.

The following illnesses are being cured in the Brestovac spa:

  • illnesses and injuries of the locomotion system      (degenerative rheumatoid diseases, rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis),
  • chronic joint illnesses,
  • consequences of injuries of bones and soft tissues      (swellings, pain),
  • muscle illnesses (lumbago),
  • chronic gynaecological illnesses,
  • inflammation of the upper respiratory tract      lining,
  • inflammatory changes in the skin,
  • increased diuresis,
  • reduction of gastric acidity,
  • gastrointestinal tract illnesses,
  • kidney diseases,
  • diseases of the nerves.

The guests can visit the Knyaz Miloš’ Konak (residence), built in 1837, the Turkish hamam (bath) and the renovated old bathroom.

TheBrestovac Spa is surrounded by 90 hectares of forest. The Bor Lake (artificial reservoir) is 10 km away from the spa. The Zlot caves, Felix Romuliana and the Gamzigrad spa are the vicinity.

Accommodation facilities:

- “RTB Klub”, amodern accommodation and catering facility that has 12 deluxe and 18 standard rooms, of which 3 are suites. It has a restaurant (250 seats), four banquet rooms, summer terrace and a private parking.

- “Srpska kruna” has several facilities for accommodation with a total capacity of about 50 beds in double and triple bedrooms, equipped with a kitchen, a restaurant with 80 seats and a covered terrace of the same capacity.