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Other Landmarks


Historical Museum in the town of Belogradchik was founded in 1970 and is located in a "Panov's house" - a model of western Bulgarian Renaissance architecture.

This monument was built in 1810 and has preserved its Renaissance face to this day. The exhibition in the museum is dedicated to the Ottoman period and the Renaissance and reflects the development of crafts such as goldsmith, wood carving, homespun, tailoring, leather processing, pottery, and coppersmith. The main fund includes over 6,000 exhibits. A large part of the exhibition focuses on the uprising against the Turkish enslaver of 1850 with a center in town of Belogradchik- one of the most popular revolts in the Bulgarian lands. Events related to the liberation of Belogradchik from the slavery are marked and those with Serbian-Bulgarian War of 1885. Museum has a rich collection of coins and icons. It is shown the everyday life, costumes and artifacts. Women's jewelry - earrings, bride’s wreaths, rings and earrings are richly decorated with colored glass, and pearl pendants. Ancient tombstones are exhibited in the courtyard of the museum. It is established by Decision № 31/28.10.1959. The museum building is in good condition and draws attention to the typical Renaissance architecture.