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Following the steps of the Romans

The beauty of nature

The taste of west Balkans

Other Landmarks

    Sour soup has a good reputation with a reason. Except for being very tasteful, it is very simple to prepare. It is suitable for both everyday menu and special occasions.
Put a piece of beef into hot water and add peeled and washed carrot, parsnip, parsley and celery root. Cook at moderate heat, adding water from time to time. When the meat is soft take it out together with the vegetables – chop the meat and mash the vegetables with the fork. Put all ingredients back to the soup and add dry herbal spice. When the soup boils, add mild browned base made of oil and flour. Cook for 15 more minutes and then add some sour cream mixed with the soup. Put it back to stove to boil for ten more minutes and, when it is ready, add finely cut parsley and celery leaves..