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Following the steps of the Romans

The beauty of nature

The taste of west Balkans

Other Landmarks

    “Sarma” is the best and the most favorite of all winter dishes  It is a “mandatory” dish for lunch on January 1st. 
Put some oil in the pan and fry 50 gr of smoked bacon and 500 gr of minced pork meat. Add 100 gr of rice, parsley, celery, one egg and pepper. Make sarma from sauerkraut leaves and the prepared meat stuffing. Put some salt, having in mind that both smoked meat and sauerkraut are salty. At the bottom of a deep pot put smaller sauerkraut leaves, then sliced sauerkraut, then sarma and then smoked meat or bacon. Put over finely cut parsley and onion and repeat the “procedure”. Pour water. Cover with sauerkraut leaves. Cook at medium temperature for about one hour. Make browned base of flour and cayenne pepper. Pour over sarma and bake in in a preheated oven for about 20 minutes.